Activities to download

Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles Fact-Finder

reptiles fact-finder

Amphibians Fact-Finder

amphibians fact-finder

Fact-Finder Folding Directions

fact-finder folding directions

Reptiles: Riddles in Rhyme

reptiles: riddles in rhyme

Let's Write Reptile Poems

let's write reptile poems

Amphibians: Riddles in Rhyme

amphibians: riddles in rhyme

Attributes Matching Sheet

attributes matching sheet

Reptiles Make-a-Book

reptiles make-a-book

Reptiles Poems to Finish

reptiles poems to finish

Reptiles: Fill in the Blank

reptiles: fill in the blank

Amphibians Make-a-Book

amphibians make-a-book

Amphibian Poems to Finish

amphibians poems to finish

Amphibians: Fill in the Blank

amphibians: fill in the blank

Poem for Two Voices: Reptile & Amphibian

poem for two voices

Let's Write Amphibian Poems

let's write amphibian poems

Tortoise Craft Sheet

tortoise craft sheet

Illustrations by Margaret Mayotte-Hirn

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