Various verses

How to Host a Spider

Did you know—you have a group of friends that hangs around
Your yard, your flowers, in their webs, or sometimes in the ground.
I mean the spiders who can make some people scream; some shrug,
Spiders munching by the score some gnat or bee or bug.
Of course we need some insects here to pollinate our plants
And help recycle fallen leaves—those beetles, bugs, and ants.
But we don’t want too many, now, and that’s where spiders rule.
They spend their day on insect hunts, our best bug-riddance tool.
So if a spider’s in your house, lost there deep inside,
Just grab a cup, a paper too, to give a ride outside.
The paper is a stepping stone for spidey under glass,
Then off you go, right out the door, to place him in the grass.
He’d love you for it if he knew the favor you had done,
And you will know that even helping spiders can be fun!


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