Various verses

Noting Nature


Bird or stone or bug or frog,
Willow tree or lotus:
Simple miracles like these
Are worthy of our notice.
Worthy, too, of taking time
To understand and ponder,
To sketch the scene or write a verse,
When we take time to wander.

With wonders of the earth like these
Sky or stream or sparrow—
We do not need to know each fact
Or focus like an arrow
On how they’re living in the world
Or memorize each feature;
We learn by bringing to our hearts
The sense of every creature.

And what fun to appreciate
The part that each one plays.
When knowledge helps us love them more,
We fondly note their ways,
For we can use our eyes to look,
Our ears to hear each sound,
Or, if we like, read on the page
Of wonders that abound.

So each of us can find a way,
In our own place or time
To feel our bond with nature ‘s world.
And me? I’ll make a rhyme!

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