Various verses

Tribute to a Spider Changing Clothes


Instead of bones we have inside
To give us good support,
Your exoskeleton’s outside,
Your frame a different sort.

The only way that you can grow
Is changing that hard part,
Shedding the outside of you,
A true arachnid art.

First you pop the carapace
(The hard shell on your back),
And then begin a long, slow job—
No patience do you lack!

You work to pull your body out
Of that confining case,
Slowly moving each soft leg–
Good thing it’s not a race!

It’s daunting work; you tire out
And stop sometimes to rest,
But know you must continue on
Until you’ve done your best.

Once emerged, you must take care;
You now are soft and fragile.
Until your new shell hardens up,
Don’t practice being agile!

Just hide in place until you’re safe,
Until your outside hardens;
Then you can venture out again
To hunt in nature’s gardens.

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