Various verses

Owl's First Flight

Almost grown.
Time to fly.

Can I hunt?
Dare I try?

Now it's dusk.
I should go.

Dinner waits
far below.

Little mouse.
Hungry me.

But it's far
From this tree!

Spread my wings.
Lift my feet.

Here I go!
Will I eat?

I can see
In the dark.

Never brush
Branch or bark.

Feathers soft,
Silent flight.

Quiet wings
In the night.

I can hear
Every sound,

LIke that mouse
On the ground.

Drop down low,
Talons wide.

Now they close,
Mouse inside.

Beak so sharp;
So I eat.

Food goes down
Head to feet.

Stomach full.
Hunger's flown.

I can hunt
All alone!

Next time no
Fear or fright.

I'm an owl!
I love night!


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