Various verses

Which is Which?

A turtle is streamlined, swims well beyond shore,
Eaching pond creatures, like crayfish and more.
A rounded-top tortoise stays put on dry ground,
Dining on plants she finds growing around.

Speedy hare has such long legs; her ears are long, as well,
Her newborns can move all about, to find food where they dwell.
But rabbit, with her shorter legs, makes sure she stays among
Her babies, who need much more care those days when they are young.

Insects always have six legs, whether small or great,
For spiders, as you surely know, legs will number eight.

Frog has the long legs, jumps high in the pond;
Short-legged toad lives on dry ground beyond.
Also, you'll note, frog has smooth skin, not bumpy.
Toad has the bumps and is not quite as jumpy.


A Millipede's Mild, all rounded and slow,
Eating dead plants that he finds just below,
While Carnivore Centipede gives a sharp bite,
With legs held out wide, he hunts creatures each night.

A horn, with just one tip, grows once and for all,
While antlers, with many, are shed in the fall.

Crows are so smart, these birds of black feather,
Making much noise as they hang out togehter.
The much larger raven, intelligent too,
Is somewhat more quiet, alone or with few.

A gopher's a rodent and loves to eat plants,
While mole sticks to insects, like small bugs and ants.
The gopher digs dirt, pushed to one side to enter,
While mole's little hill leaves a hole in the center.

A wider jaw has alligator; teeth are hard to see,
But crocodile's sharp teeth shine; his jaw shaped like a V.

Venom's the toxin bit into your skin.
Poison's what you eat and swallow within.
So venomous snakes have no poison to fear.
Yes—you could eat them. But frog skin? Steer clear.

Cougar, puma, mountain lion,
All have big-cat fame.
What's the difference 'tween them all?
There's note—they're all the same!

A chrysalis: the final molt on caterpillar's way
To become a butterfly one bright and sunny day.
But when a larva starts to spin a silky, firm cocoon,
A different insect will emerge: a moth beneath the moon.

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